MEBC: Supply Chain Advantage. Delivered.

Here at MEBC, we focus on the critical intersection between business process and enterprise technology that embodies demand driven, end-to-end supply chain excellence.  This intersection highlights the organizational transformation necessary for success. Our clients are market leaders in Government, CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution sectors and they all look to us as their independent, trusted supply chain and enterprise technology adviser.

We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently identify and articulate the best go forward business and technology strategies that fit your corporate needs, requirements, budget constraints and strategic objectives. Our process reflects the vast experience we have. The information we bring is the deep knowledge of years of industry experience that each and every one of our practitioners possesses, ensuring you do not have to repeat the same mistakes others have fallen into.

And the technology is a given. We are experts at the implementation of advanced planning solutions (APS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and transportation management systems (TMS) that enable client business requirements by leveraging their strategic investments in JDA Software, Manugistics, i2, Oracle, IFS and SAP.

Nothing gets our out attention faster than knowing that a project with challenges and changes is out there for us to help you manage. And nothing makes us happier and prouder than to turn over the wheel and tools of that project back to you.

After all, your success is our passion.