We have talked with several companies over the past couple Team-The of years about how to best use the Gartner, Demand Driven Value Network (DDVN) Maturity Model.  Where should you start?  As with many questions that we face, the answer was consistently, ‘It depends.’

The image that came to mind as we continued to ponder this was the and coach on the sidelines of a football game with the play card.  As each Nfl situation develops, the coach checks the card to evaluate the appropriate play.  So let’s play out our ‘down and distance’ scenario before we rethink the analogy and get beyond the easy ‘it depends’ answer to our question of where to start.

So coach, what’s your play:

Here is where we rethink the Заработок analogy.  It worked because we understood football rules and strategy.  When Wireless you looked at the ‘Down & Distance’ column, you could discern then nature of the situation. You knew that the team only has 4 downs to cheap jerseys make 10 yards to get a new set of downs.  You made decisions about the correct play based on your perception and understanding of the situation.

This is how to answer the question, ‘Where do Australia we start?’

To succeed, we have to understand the situation.  How well are we serving wholesale NFL jerseys the customer?  Before we can determine the correct play, the appropriate initiative in which to invest, we need have the correct wholesale jerseys measurement system in place that efficiently and accurately illustrates the current situation.   If you have the wrong metrics in place or a data gathering process that does not allow Getting timely analysis, you may be making decisions for a situation that has already changed or that you have totally misread.

What are the correct metrics for your company?   Well, that depends…

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