jda_AllianceMemberOur JDA implementation methodology provides a variety of options to fit your organization’s budget and time constraints. These range from a full service option that provides the highest level of knowledge transfer to lower budget options that require heavier support from your internal resources yet still deliver a high-level result. Understanding that each client project is unique, we work with you to find the best implementation path to fit for your needs.

Components of MEBC’s JDA Software Services

MEBC’s Technology Implementation Options


7-9 Months

- Technology used as catalyst for business transformation
- Extensive BPR
- High level knowledge transfer


4 Months

- Preconfigured solution templates
- Shortest implementation time
- Client must commit resources


4-6 Months

- Preconfigured solution
- Leverage offsite resources to minimize cost
- Onsite activities only Solution Confirmation and Training


9-12 Months

- Client staff manages and performs implementation activities
- MEBC provides tools and coaching
MEBC’s Core Model for JDA Planning

Utilizing our award winning Agile Methodology and Toolkit™ implementation approach combines leading practices (such as the SCOR® Model and SixSigma) with innovative tools, content enabled templates and project plans along with an agile deployment methodology to deliver faster return on your software investment. We can deliver a JDA Planning solution in as few as 20 weeks.

MEBC Toolkit PDF
JDA Software Project Support

Whether you need subject matter experts, testing, documentation, , or just need additional staff to maintain your supply chain planning operations, MEBC can provide experienced resources to fill gaps in your project team.

Weather Driven Demand Planning Integration (Planalytics customers)

MEBC and Planalytics are working together to develop enhanced functional and technical integration of JDA Demand with Planalytics Business Weather Intelligence. Our collaboration has produced solutions that build upon the Planalytics Weather-Driven Demand intelligence that is currently accessible through JDA Demand.

Planalytics PDF
JDA Factory Planning

JDA Factory Planner integrates to your current systems and allows schedulers to effectively model material AND capacity constraints. Schedulers can quickly generate and compare multiple scenarios to support their decision making. Factory Planner highlights critical materials that need to be expedited or could be delayed or canceled. It optimizes the schedule around bottleneck resources.

JDA Factory Planner PDF

Organizational Change Management & Training

Introducing a sophisticated tool like JDA is a significant event for most organizations. MEBC’s Training and Change Management tools and techniques accelerate the change process to deliver true business transformation.

Management Toolkit PDF
MEBC Sustainment Operations Support (SOS)™

Our Technical Support Team provides our clients with an array of services that support the ongoing maintenance and performance tuning of their JDA supply chain planning solutions. The key components of our Sustainment, Operations, and Support (MEBC SOS™) services cover System Health Audits, Implementations and Upgrades, Training, DBA, and a-la-carte options for long term managed JDA Software support services.